About Us

Mira Mia is a unique jewelry boutique that offers a variety of quality merchandise at a price everyone can afford, from basics to high fashion. 

Jenny Pennington Lagasse is the owner and creative mind behind the concept of Mira Mia. 

"The concept of Mira Mia came from me wanting to own my own business but looking for the perfect niche. I was 25 years old, I had always loved jewelry, but there really wasn’t an avenue to shop jewelry without going to a traditional jewelry store  that primarily carried gold and diamonds. I felt the need to create a store where there was a variety of quality merchandise at a price everyone could afford, from basics to high fashion. I had been in fashion merchandising my whole adult life working for Gap, Inc so I needed to do something to be around people and customer service."

Jenny grew up in Pearl River, Louisiana and graduated from Pearl River High School in 1998.  She is also a fourth generation business owner in her family. Her grandfather opened their family business, Pennington’s Body Shop, on the corner of Fremaux Ave and 7th Street Slidell in 1967. Now the business belongs to her father and his brother and they are celebrating 45 years in business this year.

Jenny has always had an interest in Retail and Merchandising.  She began working at the Gap, Inc. in 1996 in Slidell as a seasonal part time employee. She worked her way up the ladder ending her career as an Associate Store Manager/ Merchandising Manager in the Mandeville store in 2005, to open her first Mira Mia store in Slidell the month before Hurricane Katrina hit.  Jenny managed to follow her heart and passion even thru this horrible disaster.

“I remember how scared I was, being 25 years old, opening a new business. I went with my gut feeling, followed my heart, and knew with the extensive background I had with fashion merchandising and customer service, I could create something great.”

Thru all the hard work and dedication there became a high demand for Mira Mia products which led to Jenny expanding.  

"My customer base grew. I had lots of customers traveling to Slidell to buy my products, and I needed to provide a point of service to the West side of the parish. In came Covington in early 2009, then Mandeville in 2012."

“People always ask me what the best part of my job is.. And for me, that would be building relationships with my customers. It’s the best and most gratifying part of all this.”