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Lots of moms choose to pierce their little ones as infants. But some also like to wait until they are old enough to ask or maybe until they turn a specific age. I personally chose to do my girls at 6 months old. Regardless of whatever age you decide is right for your child, there is no medical evidence to date that supports any age restrictions for piercing - so do what you are comfortable with! The youngest baby I have pierced was 2 weeks old.

 I carry a great selection of infant earrings and I can help you decide what size earring will work best for your child. My piercing earring collection includes Pearls, CZ's, Classic Balls, Flowers and Birthstone styles. All of my earrings are made of 14K Gold and Surgical Stainless Steel. 

I use the best piercing product on the market from the largest piercing supplier in the world. My product and equipment exceeds all US FDA regulations and EC standards and is also hypoallergenic, nickel-safe, lead-, cadmium- and cobalt-free. 

To pierce the ear, I use a needle-point tipped piercing stud. You will select the earring of your choice at the time of your appointment. Each set of earrings are individually loaded into sterilized one-time use cartridges. The sharp tip of the earring goes right through the ear skin in a split second ( much like a staple) and the earring back automatically tension locks into place, so its as easy as one click. Taking care of the piercings is also very easy. At the time of your appointment, I will provide detailed cleaning instructions and other helpful information and tips on how to keep your child's piercings healthy and problem free.

I do not use numbing cream to pierce ears. It has to be prescribed by RX. If you feel like this would be best for your child, please talk to your pediatrician about writing you a prescription and please apply 30+ minutes before your appointment. 


Piercing the ears of your infants may seem very nerve-racking for some moms but have no fear. It is actually a very easy procedure and they do really great! Sometimes they give me dirty looks, sometimes they cry, and sometimes they don't even realize I even did anything to them. I have pierced thousands of little ones with different dispositions and personalities- so I am prepared for anything. 
I usually schedule 30 minutes to pierce an infant and use much of that time marking and measuring their ears to ensure that I can get it as perfect as possible. Not to worry about the wiggle worms, mommas! I take my time. If you have their favorite toy or a bottle to help keep them occupied it may be a useful distraction for us to help move us along smoothly!

 Some fun things to know about me:

  • I have been piercing ears for over 12 years (6000+ ears)
  • I specialize in piercing Babies & Children
  • I am referred by Northshore and Southshore doctors and pediatricians
  • I have a serious amount of patience! 
  • I suffer slightly with OCD- so accuracy is my jam
  • I LOVE CHILDREN and children love me! I have 5 year old twin girls
  • I am goofy and I have a very outgoing and friendly disposition 
  • I love to bribe children with lollipops


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