At what age do you start piercing?
There are no age restrictions for piercing.
I have performed them as young as 2 weeks old.
I specialize with babies and children- but I pierce all ages!
What is the cost?
I charge $55 for a set or $29 for a single ear / Cartliage.
This includes the service and the earring of your choice which will be selected at the time of your appointment.
Do you use a gun or a needle?
I use a needle tipped piercing stud to pierce the ear.
Do yourself a favor and stay off of "Dr. Google"- There is so much misinformation out there about piercing techniques.
What are your hours?
I work 4-5 days per week by appointment only.
My availability changes weekly based on the needs of my small children.
Is it safe to swim after piercing?
Swimming can be done after piercing as long as its in clean water.
How old do you have to be for a cartilage piercing?
This can be done at an age deemed appropriate by a parent/guardian.
I have pierced them as young as 12 years old.
When will I be able to change my earrings?
Earrings can be changed within 4-6 weeks after piercing in the lobes and up to 12 weeks in the Cartilage area.
Where are you located?
My piercing studio is located inside of Sola 
(Pinnacle Shopping Center- Behind Olive Garden).
There are 29 Individual studios inside of Sola. I am Suite 28.
Do you sell earrings?
I have over 300 styles of earrings in stock which can be purchased here on my website or in my studio. My earrings are kid friendly and contain no nickel. They can be shipped or you can select in-store pickup.
I also hand make cartilage hoops in house for a custom fit and can place them in the ears.
Do you use Numbing Cream?
No. This is available by prescription only.
If you prefer your child have this, please contact your pediatrician. 
(IMO It's not worth your time) 
Do you do both ears simultaneously?
Can I bring my own earrings to pierce with?
What areas of the ear do you pierce?
1-11 ONLY
I have sensitive skin. What metals do you pierce with?
I use Surgical Stainless Steel & Gold. Both metals are great for sensitive ears.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you should need to change or cancel your appointment, this must be done at least 3 hours before your booked time. You will recieve an email & text reminder.  These reminders will provide links to your booking and changes can be made there. You may also call or text me.
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