Effective December 1, 2018 - Our piercing studio will be moving to Sola Salons in Pinnacle Shopping Center!

Little Ladies

There is something magical about watching a little girl see herself in the mirror for the first time after she gets her ears pierced. It is also an experience she will remember forever. No matter what, my goal is to make sure each and every child feels welcome and is really excited for the whole process. I love when my clients bring friends and family to join in on the fun so please feel welcome to bring a few buddies along! After we select our piercing earring- I clean, mark and measure extensively to make sure the placement is as perfect as possible. For children 4 years and up, I schedule 15 minute appointments. I will go over cleaning instructions in detail at the time of your appointment. Piercing earring styles include Pearls, Hello Kitty, Flowers, Birthstones, Fireballs, Butterflies, Glittery Hearts and many more. 


Ear piercing may seem very intimidating for little ones, but the process is not as frightful as it may seem! I explain each and every step to the kiddos so they will know exactly what I will be doing.
For ultimate hygiene, all of my earrings come packaged in pre-loaded, pre-sterilized cartridges and fit into my handheld instrument while still inside its sterline package, providing touch free operation. The one step click uses the sharp needle point tip of the piercing earring loaded inside to penetrate the skin with a minor pinch.  
Automatic positioning of the back ensures that proper space is left at the front and back of the ear to enhance the healing process and also ensures the needle point tip is securely covered.

Please let me know if we are celebrating a Birthday on her piercing day!

I am happy to have the chalkboard and birthday gear ready by request. Please let me know in the notes section of your appointment and include her first name and age.


Lollipops and Celebratory selfies with Mrs. Jenny are always fun when we are finished! 


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