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Jennifer Pennington Lagasse - Master Piercer

Over 10 years and 4000+ ears worth of piercing experience!

Experience matters. As a mother of 3 year old twin girls, I understand how important it is to get it right and get it right the first time. With a boutique atmosphere that is neat and clean, you can assure you are getting me -personally- as your service provider, and that my equipment is safe and sterile. I specialize in infant & children's piercings.

The entire "experience" of getting your ears pierced should be a memorable and awesome experience, no matter how old you are. I strive to make sure every single little girl (and adult) who walks through my door has the best experience possible. Bringing family members and friends along for the appointment is always encouraged! As an absolute perfectionist, I take my time and measure down to the exact millimeter when I am preparing the ears for piercing for perfect placement every single time.

I am referred by many area Pediatricians and I am humbled to have been voted #1 in the 2016 Parents Prefer award for Best Ear Piercing on the Northshore!





Infants can be pierced as early as 1 month. There is no medical evidence to date that supports any age restrictions. In some rare cases, the ear lobe may be too small and may require some additional time to allow for growth. We carry a great selection of infant piercing earrings to choose from and can help you decide what earring will work best for your child. 
Toddlers & Small Children
Most children in this age group benefit from having both earlobes pierced simultaneously. We have a wide assortment of piercing earrings that will be very easy and fun to choose from. We realize that small children may be uncertain and scared during this unknown process- we do everything we can to ensure this is a pleasurable and FUN experience for your child!
We are able to do 2nd & 3rd hole piercings as well as cartilage piercings. All minors must be accompanied by an adult to be pierced.
Piercing earrings are selected in the store and are made of Surgical Stainless Steel. To ensure a safe and hygienic experience, Mira Mia only uses specifically designed, pre-sterilized, pre-packaged piercing earrings. Once earrings are selected, we will clean the ears and carefully measure and mark the ears in preparation for piercing.
One of the most important steps in ear piercing is the cleaning and aftercare. Cleaning and care is very easy for any age. This will consist of cleaning and spinning the new earrings daily for 2 weeks. At 6 weeks, the piercing earrings can be removed and a new pair can be put in. More detailed instructions will be provided at the time of your appointment. 
$49 - Two ears
$25 - One Ear / Cartilage
Includes earring of your choice!

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Lobe & Cartilage only


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